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“Build careers worth having,
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lives worth living.”

The Agents at our DTC Office speak more than 15 languages including Amharic, Ukranian and Hebrew.

Keller Williams, Denver Tech Center


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Keller Williams, DTC Market Center - Company Policy

Associates have input into the policies of the company. A truly active program for allowing agents to express themselves and participate in the policies of the company is available in every Keller Williams® market center. The Agent Leadership Council (ALC) is comprised of the top twenty percent of the Keller Williams Realty® agent body in the Market Centers. The purpose of the Agent Leadership Council is to guarantee our associates a vehicle for giving direct input as to the operation of Keller Williams Realty®. The ALC is actively involved in the leadership of the company, holding ownership and management accountable to live within the budget, and the goals of the Market Center, i.e., production, drive profit, education and standards and principles. This is NOT a sales meeting, nor is it a complaint session.

The ALC acts as the Market Center’s “Board of Directors”. They are the guardians of the culture. A covenant agreement of ALC responsibilities is entered into by all ALC members with their Market Center peers. As such, the ALC is directly responsible for the key areas of leadership planning within their respective market center. They meet monthly and make major decisions in conjunction with the Team Leader (Broker) and the Business Operating Partner. The meetings are open to all associates!

We are an “Open Book Policy” company. Associates are encouraged to view the profit and loss statement monthly in the market center. Believing that people make better business decisions when they are treated like business people, there are no financial secrets in a market center. Through the Agent Leadership Council, agents have a voice in the expenditures of the office. If being informed in your office is important to you, you will like this “open book” format.

Keller Williams DTC - A Traditionn of Results

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