Keller Williams, Denver Tech Center


Our Mission:

“Build careers worth having,
businesses worth owning and
lives worth living.”

The Agents at our DTC Office speak more than 15 languages including Amharic, Ukranian and Hebrew.

Keller Williams, Denver Tech Center


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Who is Keller Williams

Keller Williams Realty is the newest, most innovative and fastest growing national real estate company in America. At Keller Williams, the agents are partners – they share the profits, they have a say in the decision making and they are empowered to build their business to the highest possible level.Keller Williams - Gary Keller

Gary Keller and his team of Austin, Texas real estate agents founded Keller Williams Realty in 1983. In the late 1980’s it expanded to San Antonio, Houston and Dallas. In 1990 it became a franchise system and in 1993 opened in Oklahoma and Colorado. As of this year, the company now operates in over 750 Market Centers (offices) and over 80,000 real estate agents nationally. Earned commissions and profit sharing are doubling every two years!

Keller Williams Realty is expanding across the country for one very powerful reason: it is the only company truly designed BY and FOR Top Real Estate Agents. It honors them, supports them, gives them a voice and affords them the freedom to build and control their own businesses. In addition, it provides the only opportunity for them to achieve long term income, above and beyond their own commissions.

Keller Williams Realty is a visionary business concept built upon a specific, written philosophy (WI4C2TS) of service, integrity and win-win teamwork.

The name Keller Williams is not corporate – it is personal. It is intended to support the agent’s image, not compete with it. The network is national, the support is regional, but the image is local. That’s how the customer likes it . That is how Keller Williams Realty delivers it.

Presently, Keller Williams Realty Colorado Region has over 3,000 agents in 22 locations, with over 2,000 agents & 17 locations in the Denver Metro Area.

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